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How to Not Get Sick During The Winter (Proven Pediatric ENT Recommended Hacks)

How to Not Get Sick During The Winter (Proven Pediatric ENT Recommended Hacks)

It feels like like getting sick and the winter season goes hand in hand. The temperatures are dropping, kids everywhere always seem to have a running nose (Ahem: try the NozeBot!), and RSV is everywhere right now. We want to make sure that you and your family are prepared as possible to navigate whatever this winter season throws your way!

How to Not Get Sick During The Winter

How to Not Get Sick During The Winter (Proven Pediatric ENT Recommended Hacks)

Our Dr. Noze Best founder, Dr. Steven Goudy is a Pediatric ENT and is sharing some of his recommended hacks for keeping everyone healthy this winter season. 

Tip #1: Avoid crowded or congested areas if you can over the busy travel holiday season. 

We know, this one is easier said than done! However, with all the viruses going around, which are spread by droplets and just hanging around in the air, it’s best to stick to small gatherings. If you do have to go into a crowded or congested area try to go in times where it's likely to be less busy. Obviously, that's hard to do but reducing your exposure to others who may be sick at that moment will be helpful.

How to Not Get Sick During The Winter

Tip #2: Keep your hands clean!

Keeping your hands clean is very important period, not just during the winter months. Frequent hand washing is critical, either using hand sanitizer or soap and water. This also goes for anybody that comes in your house, and certainly anybody that's wants to touch your baby. 

Tip #3: Make sure that if you do start to feel sick or rundown that you get plenty of rest and get to sleep early. 

Your body needs this time to restore and reset for the next day. Obviously the holidays are very stressful and during stress your body releases hormones that can reduce your immune system functioning particularly at a time when there is more viruses going around. Doing that one extra thing and staying up really late may seem like a good idea but ultimately if you're sick for four days it's probably not going to be worth it.

Tip #4: Use honey as a cough suppressant for kids over 1 that are vaccinated. 

Coughing is much more prevalent during the winter months, and if you have a child over the age of one who is also vaccinated, honey is a wonderful, natural cough suppressant. But, which honey do you choose? Manuka honey is a great one, as it has antibacterial properties, as well. 

Tip #5: Stop touching yourself!

According to a study in the Journal of Occupational Health, people who occasionally touch their eyes and nose are 41 percent more likely to develop frequent upper respiratory infections. We know this is easier said than done, especially for little ones, but will make a huge difference in the number of times you are visiting the doctor this winter. 

How to Not Get Sick During The Winter

Tip #6: Dry your hands.

We share an awful lot about the importance of proper hand washing, but it’s important to note that drying your hands after washing is very important, too. The CDC notes that wet hands actually are more likely to spread germs and viruses than dry ones. 

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The holidays are a wonderful time to spend quality moments together and being healthy is the best gift that you can give yourself as well as your family.

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