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5 Risks of Kissing a Newborn

5 Risks of Kissing a Newborn

We totally get it: babies are sweet, and smooshy, and cuddly and look like they are just laying there ready for your kisses. Year-round, but especially now during RSV season, kissing newborns comes with too many problems to risk. 

First things first: what are the dangers of kissing babies?

It all boils down to the transfer of germs. Kissing a baby can have serious health consequences for your little one whose immune system is still developing. This means that all family members, friends, and even mom and dad and siblings, need to be mindful about saving those kisses for another time when your baby is older. 

5 Risks of Kissing a Newborn

5 Risks of Kissing a Newborn

Kissing a baby or newborn doesn’t always mean that it will result in them getting sick, it just means that the chances of spreading harmful germs is much greater. Keep in mind that your little one’s immune system is still brand new and developing and learning how to fight off illness - you don’t want to compromise it and have them end up in the hospital. Here are some of the risks that can results from kissing a newborn.

1. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot, and mouth is a common virus that causes ulcers and rashes around the mouth, hands, feet, and leg area. It is mostly seen in babies and children under the age of ten, however anyone can contract it. 

2. RSV

RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus can wreak havoc on the immunocompromised, a group mostly made up of babies, toddlers, and older populations. It is a very serious and potentially fatal condition which can spread easily through a cough, sneeze, or kiss. It is important to remind people that even have a cold, or recently recovered from a sinus infection to stay away from your baby.

3. Immune System Vulnerability

As we mentioned before, babies are vulnerable to the spread of virus because their immune system is still developing. Do not put them and their tiny body in jeopardy whenever it isn’t fully developed yet to fight off things that it can’t yet handle. 

4. Allergic Reactions

Allergens can easily spread from one person to another just by being close, but can be especially harmful when kissing. Something as simple as a chapstick transfer, skincare products, or food that doesn’t agree with your newborn’s system can end up somewhere on their body and expose them to something you aren’t aware yet that they are allergic to. 

kissing a newborn

5. Cold Sore Transfer

Cold sores, which are also sometimes called fever blisters, are a huge risk of kissing as a newborn baby because they are common, transfer easily, and can cause lifetime damages to your baby. Shielding your baby from kisses from someone who may not even realize they have a cold sore can keep them away from harmful and preventable problems throughout their lifetime. We cannot stress enough that the HSV1 virus that is spread from the transfer of blister due to kissing a newborn can result in not only blisters around a baby’s mouth but can also spread to other parts of the body, including their brain.

Check out Dr. Goudy’s recent video about kissing a newborn:

@drnozebest RSV is all over the place right now. You need to make sure that your baby is not being exposed to it. No kissing strangers. No random people coming over to the house. Make sure your kids are washing their hands before they touch your baby. #RSV #Awareness #RSVAwareness #Nicu #Preemie #NicuBaby #Scary #NikkiBabyAwareness #icu #washyourhands #dontkissbabies #nope #ent #doctorsoftiktok #fyp @thepedipals @beachgem10 ♬ CAP - Burrell



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    At Dr. Noze Best, we completely understand that showing your affection to your newborn is an important and vital part of their development. We hope that you get in all the baby cuddles and maintain good hand hygiene while spending time with your newborn. In addition, educating friends and family is also very important so they understand why you set rules and boundaries around kidding your newborn

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