Meet the NozeBot Infant Nasal Suction Device

Modern home health care that helps your baby (and you) breathe easy

The NozeBot offers 3 levels of pediatrician-approved suction, to give your baby instant relief from snotty noses.

(Removing excess snot to protect your baby’s delicate airways, giving clean, safe relief that really works, whenever you need it.)

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Mom, breathe a sigh of relief...

Every mom knows the struggle of watching their baby struggle to breathe through a stuffy nose. The sleepless nights, the endless issues, and the feeling of helplessness.

Driven by this universal challenge faced by moms everywhere, Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT and father of three, poured his expertise into the problem.

Enter the NozeBot: inspired by love, backed by science, designed to give moms the peace of mind they deserve and babies the relief they so desperately need.

Discover how one small device is supporting thousands of moms.

Let's breathe easy together

Modern infant health care that builds a better world for babies, moms, and Mother Earth

Led by Dr. Steven Goudy, a top pediatric ENT, we saw the struggles moms experience with baby nasal congestion and the subpar solutions available so we decided to do better. That’s how the NozeBot was created, designed to help your baby breathe freely, keep them safe from infections, and give you peace of mind.

And when you choose us, you’re also supporting a bigger cause. We give a portion of all proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Congress and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those with Down syndrome.

Children with Down syndrome often live with nasal issues, and their needs inspired the creation of NozeBot.

For us, it’s all about supporting each other and making things better for moms and families everywhere so we can all breathe easy together.