Meet The NozeBot®

A battery-powered suction device designed to clear nasal congestion in babies and children.

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Key Features

  • Patented nosepiece that occupies two fingers only
  • Three levels of hospital-grade suction
  • Portable and rechargeable

Helping your
baby breathe,
sleep, and eat.

Did you know?

Babies can't breathe through their mouth. That's right! Until approximately one year, babies have not yet developed the complex reflex to open their mouth if their nose is stuffy.

Dr. Steven Goudy developed the Nozebot to help babies breathe, eat, and sleep and to allow families to take care of congested children at home-instead of at the hospital.

No more manual sucking from snotty noses (yuck!) or using aspirators that just don't get the job done!

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Steven L Goudy, MD

Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology
at Emory University School of Medicine

"Upper Respiratory Infections are miserable for babies and terrifying for parents. Nasal aspirators on the market are meant to help, but most are hard-or gross-to use and ineffective. We created the NozeBot to help babies breathe and give parents peace of mind."
What Goes Bark in the Night? Croup.

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What Goes Bark in the Night? Croup.

Babies get a lot of colds. For some that means several times a year, and for babies in daycare, that can mean as often as once a month. All colds are caused by viruses and often start with a runny nose (summon the NozeBot!). From there, the development of a fever and cough is also very common. 
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