NozeBot® Starter Bundle
NozeBot® Starter Bundle
NozeBot® Starter Bundle
NozeBot® Starter Bundle
NozeBot® Starter Bundle

NozeBot® Starter Bundle

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Whether it's your child’s first cold or fifteenth, we are here to support you through every sniffle, sneeze, and cough. Our Starter Bundle comes with essentials you need to navigate your baby’s sick days, no matter how much snot comes your way.

The Starter Bundles includes:

  • The NozeBot®: Crafted with expertise and care, the NozeBot® is a hospital-grade nasal aspirator with three levels of safe, effective suction to provide customized relief for your baby. Comes with 12 replaceable filters, tubing, and a micro-USB charging cable.

  • Newborn Nosepiece: Designed for extra tiny noses, the Newborn Nosepiece is 25% smaller than the standard and fits most newborns and infants. 

  • Filters (40): Replacement filters for use with the NozeBot® electric nasal aspirator.

Contact us at 1-866-4NOSNOT with any questions

Materials & Care

  • BPA free (nosepiece and tubing)
  • Dispose of filter when soiled
  • Nosepiece can be disassembled for cleaning and is dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Pump housing can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or damp cloth with mild dish soap
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Help your baby breathe, eat, and sleep better with the NozeBot®

The NozeBot was developed by a pediatric ENT, using 3 levels of hospital-grade suction to create effective relief that’s safe and gentle to protect your baby’s delicate airways every time.
The NozeBot is designed to be used one-handed with a simple one-touch button to activate so no matter how wiggly your little one is, you can give them relief in seconds. The rechargeable battery means it’s ready to go wherever, whenever you need it.
The NozeBot easily comes apart for hygienic cleaning and the replaceable filters and nosetips make maintaining it a breeze so no germs linger in the device like traditional aspirators. Plus with no manual suction required your baby gets relief without making you sick too.

How to use your NozeBot®


Step 1

Charge the device using the USB cable provided. Please note: the NozeBot is not designed to operate while charging.

Step 2

Place your index and middle fingers into the finger grip of the nosepiece. Allow the tubing to drape over the back of your hand.

Step 3

Turn on the device and choose your level of suction (try starting on low).

Step 4

Stabilize your baby's head with your remaining fingers and other hand if necessary.

What Makes Dr. Noze Best Different?


Physician Founded

Founded by Pediatric ENT Dr. Steven Goudy, Dr. Noze Best is focused on modern parental care must-haves.

Hospital-Level Quality

Our products are BPA-free, durable, safety tested, and in the case of the NozeBot®, ISO and TUV SUD-certified.

Easy to Use & Effective

Only the NozeBot® works in seconds with hospital-grade suction to clear severe nasal congestion.