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5 Tips For RSV Relief At Home

5 Tips For RSV Relief At Home

Whether you have been watching the news or feeling the impact of whatever sickness your child brought home from school this week, one thing is for sure: people are sick. With media concern that a tridemic is a possibility as both COVID-19 and RSV cases surge, we want to make sure everyone is prepared as possible to provide relief at home.

Let’s be honest here: no one wants to foot the bill for an emergency room trip unless they absolutely have to. It is expensive. Not only that, but right now so many hospitals are full as cases of RSV and the flu soar. This is one of the many reasons we love the NozeBot, our Pediatric ENT-founded, electric baby nasal aspirator that provides hospital-grade suction in the comfort of your own home. 

Yes, that does mean better management of RSV, the flu, and anything that causes your family congestion, without having to leave your happy place!

5 Tips For RSV Relief At Home

5 Tips For RSV Relief At Home

First and foremost, it’s important to note that there is no known cure or treatment for RSV right now, so it’s important to help your child manage their symptoms at home to keep them comfortable.

1. Normal fever control

RSV can last about 10 days, with the peak day being on day 5, giving anyone who has it plenty of time to feel uncomfortable. If you or your child spike a fever, the Mayo Clinic recommends normal fever control, which consists of taking  acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or aspirin.

2. Respiratory hygiene

Practicing good respiratory hygiene is really about keeping the virus contained and decreasing the spread. RSV is spread by droplets from the nose and throat of infected people when they cough and sneeze. RSV can also spread through dried respiratory secretions on bedclothes and similar items, and can also stay on hard surfaced for several hours. Yuck!

Good respiratory hygiene consists of covering your nose whenever you sneeze or cough, making sure your dirty tissues are thrown away, and use hand sanitizer often.

3. Nasal suctioning

According to Dr. Goudy, one of the top reasons that children and babies get admitted to the hospital with RSV, to begin with is for basic nasal suctioning. This is one reason why he invented the NozeBot because the belief is that if you have access to that at home then you are able to avoid going to the hospital. Hospital-grade suction for the win!

RSV Relief At Home

4. Keep them hydrated

Preventing dehydration will help whomever is suffering with RSV in our household to get better faster. For babies who are still drinking formula or breastfeeding, getting in extra fluids that way is a great way to treat RSV at home. If your little one is having trouble feeding or drinking due to congestion, use the NozeBot to suction out those boogers so they have some relief. 

5. Use a humidifier

Moisture is key whenever you are searching for RSV relief at home. Creating moist air will help your little ones breathe better and decrease the amount of congestion and coughing they are suffering with. Just a reminder though, make sure to keep that humidifier clear in order to prevent any buildup of mold and bacteria.

Check out Dr. Goudy sharing these RSV relief tips in our latest Youtube video!

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    And lastly, we say that one final tip for RSV relief at home is patience. Cuddle your little ones and help keep their spirits uplifted. 

    As Dr. Goudy highlighted in his video, if you notice any alarming breathing issues that is causing concern, make sure to contact your pediatrician immediately. 


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