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Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn

Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn

Welcoming a newborn into the family is a joyous occasion that brings immense happiness and responsibility to all members of the family. After giving birth, moms often share an immediate and intimate connection with their babies through breastfeeding, caregiving, and skin to skin interaction. However, that bonding isn't just for moms, but incredibly important for dads, too! 

Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn

Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn 

The good news is that there are countless ways for fathers to connect with their newborns, fostering a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

This is not just for moms! As soon as baby is born, take turns with mom, holding them close to your bare chest. Once you get home from the hospital, continue this routine during feeding or simply cuddle skin-to-skin. This not only helps regulate the baby's temperature but also creates a strong emotional connection.

Regular Participation in Feeding and Bedtime Routines

Even though breastfeeding is mom's role, dads can actively participate during feeding time by offering a bottle of pumped breast milk or formula. This shared responsibility allows fathers to bond with their newborns while contributing to their well-being. The same thing goes for establishing bedtime routines that both dad and mom are a part of. Whether it's reading a short story, singing a lullaby, or simply rocking the baby to sleep, these routines create a sense of security and comfort for both father and child.

Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn

Tummy Time

We all know how important tummy time is for your little love, but did you know it doesn't need to be a solo activity? Engaging in tummy time is crucial for the baby's development, and doing it together with dad makes it even more enjoyable. Lay your newborn on their tummy and spend time playing and interacting, helping strengthen their neck muscles and fostering a sense of security.


Physical closeness doesn't have to end with skin-on-skin, but can continue in an easier way throughout the day. Babywearing, or the practice of carrying a baby close against one's body in some sort of a carrier or sling is a wonderful way to have your little one close, but still have your hands free to get things done. The physical closeness and movement mimic the womb environment, providing a soothing experience for the baby and creating a strong bond with dad. 

Create a Special Song

Singing and music in general is so special and is something that makes babies very peaceful. Whether dad sings a favorite song to baby that is special to him or he makes something up on a whim, repeating these words will hold sentimental value for you and your newborn. Sing or play the song during quiet moments, creating a unique and cherished connection. The soothing rhythm can have a calming effect on the baby while strengthening the emotional bond with dad. We also have a feeling that memories will be created during these moments, too. You might even still be singing this song as they graduate high school and get married!

Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborn

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Bonding with a newborn is a unique and rewarding experience for fathers. We can't stress enough how it is just as important for dads to be involved as mom is. By actively participating in caregiving, establishing routines, and creating special moments, dads can forge a deep and lasting connection with their little ones. These heartwarming ways not only contribute to the baby's well-being but also strengthen the foundation of a loving and supportive family.

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