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5 Things to Say When People Don’t Understand Your “Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

5 Things to Say When People Don’t Understand Your “Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

Welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting and joyous occasion, but it also comes with a set of responsibilities, including setting boundaries to ensure the health and well-being of the newborn.

We have talked about the many risks of kissing a newborn in the past, however, when you're caught up in the joy of the moment, communicating this can be a challenge. Some friends and family might not understand and just want to express their love and adoration for your new little love. (We get it: little ones are just so yummy!) So today, we're sharing some easy tips to make this conversation less awkward. 

 5 Things to Say When People Don’t Understand Your “Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

5 Things to Say When People Don’t Understand Your “Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

One common rule that some parents choose to implement is the "Don't Kiss the Baby" rule, designed to protect infants from potential exposure to germs and illnesses. However, not everyone may understand or respect this boundary. In such situations, it's essential to communicate effectively and assertively. 

1. Be appreciative

Emphasize your gratitude for the person's affection and interest in the baby while gently reinforcing your rule. For example, "We really appreciate how much you care for the baby. To maintain their health, we're avoiding kisses for now. Thank you for understanding." 

2. Educate

Education is key, but doing it in the most polite way possible will be to your benefit. Begin the conversation by calmly and politely explaining the reason behind the rule. You can say something like, "We've chosen not to have the baby kissed to minimize the risk of exposing them to germs and illnesses. Their immune system is still developing, and we want to do everything we can to keep them healthy." 

3. Make it silly

We all know that there are new and sometimes obnoxious baby trends popping up on a daily basis. Even though this is most certainly not one of them, playing it off like it is can sometimes be the best approach with certain people. Lightening the mood with humor can be an effective way to communicate your rule without creating tension. For instance, "We've instituted a strict 'no-kissing' policy for the baby – it's the latest trend in infant hygiene! We hope you join the movement and help us keep the baby healthy and happy." 

“Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

4. Suggest an alternative

There are many other ways that loved ones can show affection to your new baby without breaking your "don't kiss the baby" rule. Encourage them to engage with the baby through gentle touches, talking, or even blowing kisses from a distance. This way, you are redirecting their affection in a way that aligns with your guidelines.

5. When all else fails, blame the doctor

If you find it challenging to express your concerns directly, you can play the doctor card. We promise they won't hold it against you! Mentioning medical advice can add weight to your decision. You might say, "Our pediatrician has advised us to be cautious about close contact with the baby to prevent any potential health issues. We hope you understand and support our decision."

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“Don’t Kiss The Baby" Rule

Establishing and maintaining boundaries around your newborn is a crucial aspect of parenting. While it's natural for friends and family to express their affection through kisses, it's essential to prioritize your child's well-being. Communicating your "Don't Kiss the Baby" rule with clarity, kindness, and firmness will help others understand and respect your decision. By doing so, you create a healthy environment for your baby to thrive while nurturing positive relationships with those around you.

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