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7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse (Or Diaper Bag)

7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse (Or Diaper Bag)

Guest Post by Katy Fleming, MA, LPC, BSN, RN

Leaving the house has its challenges in motherhood. You learn to expect the unexpected when little ones join you on a trip to the store or to visit grandma’s house.

Stay prepared for accidental spills, sneezes, cries, cuts, and everything in between with these key mom bag items.

7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse (Or Diaper Bag)

7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse (Or Diaper Bag)

Minimize messes, remain healthy, and keep the kids occupied with these essential items for every mom’s purse.

1. Tissues 

Between snotty noses and shed tears, a pack of facial tissues is a must-have. Our little ones often struggle with a runny nose, so those absorbent tissues come in handy. 

They are easy to store, soft on the nose, and minimize the spread of germs. Add a travel pack of tissues to your purse or diaper bag to prevent sticky situations.

2. Wipes 

Whether you’re the parent of a newborn baby or an elementary school-aged child, wipes are essential for everyday life.

From juice spills to diaper changes to sticky hands, life is messy with kids. A pack of baby wipes can save the day.

During cold and flu season, consider keeping nose wipes handy, as well. These help dissolve mucus and reduce irritation without any harmful chemicals.

7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse

3. First Aid Kit 

Adventures with a kiddo often include excessive laughter, lasting memories, and unfortunately, bumps and bruises. Remain prepared for your child’s next scrape or minor incident with a first aid kit. 

There’s only so much room in a purse or diaper bag, so the essentials are recommended such as bandages and antiseptic wipes. 

Check out this highly-rated compact first aid kit on Amazon that can easily fit in your diaper bag and even most purses. Take care of a splinter or small cut with this convenient mini kit. It even comes in several colorful patterns. 

Talk to your child’s pediatrician about any recommended medications to keep on hand such as children’s acetaminophen to relieve fevers and pain.

 4. Pen

Before you grab the doctor’s office pen, consider its history. Between coughs and sneezes, most patients sign in on a clipboard or fill out paperwork using the same pen. 

A study found that the doctor’s office pen has 46,158 times more germs than an average toilet seat. 

Keep a pen or two in your purse to avoid those germs. Especially during the cold season as we battle high rates of the flu, RSV, COVID-19, and other common viruses.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands with soap and water, hand sanitizer is an excellent substitute if handwashing isn’t an option. 

Grab a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to reduce the number of germs on your skin. 

Before and after you go into the grocery store is a great time to use a travel-sized sanitizer. Be careful with sharing your hand sanitizer with friends as you can spread germs passing around the bottle. 

7 Essential Items for Every Mom’s Purse

6. Entertainment 

It’s not a secret that children have a tough time sitting still. Small books are an excellent way to entertain your little ones of all ages. 

Keep the family busy with toy cars for toddlers and a teething ring for the baby. 

When the wait at the dentist’s office or the car ride home takes longer than expected, a few books and quiet toys are vital.

 7. Snacks

When you’re in a rush, a few extra snacks make a big difference. 

Curb your son or daughter’s appetite with a granola bar or applesauce pouch. These are easy to grab and a healthier option. 

Avoid foods that leave an odor in your bag or anything with a short-lived expiration date.

Want More Tips for Mom? You’ll love these: 

Consider any other items that are essential for your kiddo’s specific needs such as an emergency inhaler for an asthma attack. 

Your stylish handbag is more than an accessory for moms, it’s a tool kit. 

Pack your must-have items before the next outing!

As a licensed counselor and registered nurse, Katy approaches freelance writing with years of experience and a unique perspective. Alongside her partner, Katy loves to travel the world and embrace other cultures from volcanoes in Iceland to villages in India. 

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