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5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

Balancing work and motherhood can be challenging, especially for new mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. Many women return to work after giving birth and still want to provide their infants with the best nutrition, which often means continuing to breastfeed. 

5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

For employers, supporting breastfeeding working moms not only promotes a healthy work environment but also helps in retaining valuable employees.

5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

Create a Breastfeeding-Friendly Area

The first step in supporting breastfeeding working mothers is to create a breastfeeding-friendly workplace. This involves providing designated lactation rooms that are private, clean, and equipped with comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and storage space for breast pumps and expressed milk. These rooms should be easily accessible to all employees who need them and should be available for use during breaks.

This month, we sponsored a Lactation Lounge at Atlanta Tech Village! (Read more about it HERE!) 

This has been incredibly important to our team because everyone in the building has access to the lounge and is a great way for moms re turning to the workforce still keep up with their breastfeeding goals. 

lactation lounge at work


Offering Flexible Work Schedules

To help breastfeeding mothers balance their work and breastfeeding commitments, employers can offer flexible work schedules. This could include options like adjusting start and end times, allowing telecommuting, or providing part-time work options. Flexible schedules can give new mothers the opportunity to nurse their infants during breaks or pump milk as needed throughout the workday.

Offering Pumping Breaks

In addition to the flexibility of their work schedule, moms need to have regular pumping breaks. Employers should provide pumping breaks during the workday for mothers to pump milk. These breaks should be scheduled and well-communicated to ensure that mothers have the time they need to maintain their milk supply.

Providing  Support and Education

Employers can support breastfeeding working moms by providing educational resources and access to lactation consultants. Breastfeeding can be challenging, and mothers may face difficulties such as latching issues, low milk supply, or discomfort. By offering resources and experts to guide them, employers can help these mothers overcome obstacles and continue breastfeeding. Some companies even offer reimbursement for breastfeeding-related expenses, such as breast pumps and accessories.

5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

Implement a Milk Storage Policy

Establishing a milk storage policy in the workplace can help ensure the safety and quality of expressed breast milk. This policy should include guidelines for labeling, storing, and handling expressed milk in the workplace. Employers can provide refrigerators for milk storage and encourage employees to label their milk containers with dates and names. This not only promotes a safe environment but also helps reduce waste and ensures that expressed milk is used efficiently.  

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    5 Ways Employers Can Make Breastfeeding Easier For Working Moms

    Supporting breastfeeding working moms is not only a moral obligation but also a strategic choice for employers. A supportive workplace can lead to increased job satisfaction and loyalty among employees, ultimately benefiting the company's bottom line. By creating breastfeeding-friendly environments and offering flexible work schedules employers can make it easier for working mothers to continue breastfeeding while pursuing their careers. In doing so, they promote a healthy work-life balance and contribute to the well-being of both mothers and their babies.

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