RSV Season is Here

The Nozebot is the best solution for clearing congestion that can lead to harmful RSV and keep your little love out of the hospital.



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"Only wish we got it sooner…. Purchased this amazing tool post-hospitalization for RSV. We had a manual nasal aspirator which did not work sufficiently, leading my son to clogged airways, ear infections, and congested lungs. This is my new baby shower go-to gift. Don't wait, just get it– It's WELL worth it.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Lauren C.


While there is no specific treatment for RSV, there are actions you can take to help your child stay out of the hospital. Breastfeed or bottle feed babies often and keep older children drinking liquids regularly to prevent dehydration and clear out your baby's nose with the NozeBot to help them breathe more easily.


Keep in mind that babies under 12 months can only breathe through their noses for up to one year. When viruses like RSV lead to clogged nasal passages, it leads to respiratory distress.

Mom's Must-Have RSV Defender for 2023

Designed by a pediatric ENT, NozeBot is safe, easy to use, and provides instant relief so your baby can breathe easy.


Why Dr. Noze Best?

Dr. Noze Best was founded by Dr. Steven Goudy, pediatric ENT at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, after he saw firsthand how the lack of necessary nasal hygiene in children affects their care. After treating hundreds of infants and toddlers in the emergency room for nasal congestion due to the lack of effective options on the market, he knew there had to be a better way for parents to care for their child’s health.

Dr. Goudy was interested in providing proactive care for his parents who are desperate for an “at-home” version of the hospital’s nasal suctioning device. And the NozeBot was born.

Now, we’re on a mission to modernize the nursery with a line of products that provide a clean, safe environment to help infants and toddlers sleep, breathe, and eat better.

Shop the NozeBot Baby Bundle Set

NozeBot Max Bundle

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The ultimate pediatric health care kit of 10 products to help baby (and you) breathe easy.

  • NozeBot Baby Nasal Aspirator (x1)

  • Newborn Nosepiece
  • Travel Bag (x1)

  • NozeBot filters (x12 and replacement x40)

  • Standard nosepiece (x1)

  • Noze Wipes
  • Snot Trap
  • Tubing (x2)

Dr. Noze Best vs. Other Options

We are obsessed with making the live's of our community easier, healthier, and with as little sick days as possible. We know how hard being a parent is these days, why complicate things?

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