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Why is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October?

Why is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October?

October is recognized worldwide as Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a dedicated time to promote understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome. This month-long observance serves as an opportunity to raise awareness, provide support, and celebrate the unique abilities and contributions of people with Down syndrome.

 Here at Dr. Noze Best, the Down syndrome community was one of the biggest inspirations for Dr. Goudy whenever he created the NozeBot. We truly believe that everyone deserves access to the best healthcare. 

Why is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October?

“Babies are obligate nasal breathers for the first 12 months of life,” says Dr. Goudy. “The nasal passages of babies with Down syndrome are narrow and thus predisposed to chronic nasal congestion, nasal drainage, and more frequent sinus infections. These issues impact the  suck/swallow/breathe rhythm. Obstruction of the upper airway can also stress the heart of these Down syndrome warriors. Keeping the nasal passage clean is critical.”

Why is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October?

Have you ever wondered why October was chosen as the month for this important awareness campaign? As we move into this important month that our team holds very near and dear, we want to highlight it's importance.

Commemorating Dr. John Langdon Down

The choice of October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month carries historical significance. It commemorates the birthday of Dr. John Langdon Down, a British physician who made significant contributions to the understanding of Down syndrome in the 19th century. Dr. Down was the first to describe the condition that now bears his name, although he referred to it as "Mongolism" at the time. His pioneering work helped lay the foundation for further research and understanding of Down syndrome.

By selecting October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, advocates not only pay homage to Dr. Down's groundbreaking work but also emphasize the importance of continued research, education, and support for individuals with Down syndrome.

Why is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October?

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 Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October serves as a meaningful opportunity to honor the legacy of Dr. John Langdon Down, raise awareness about Down syndrome, promote inclusion, celebrate achievements, and advocate for positive policy changes. By dedicating a whole month to this cause, we can collectively work towards creating a more accepting and inclusive society where individuals with Down syndrome can thrive and fulfill their potential.

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