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3 Key Tips For When Baby Won't Take a Bottle or Nurse

3 Key Tips For When Baby Won't Take a Bottle or Nurse

There are many tips and tricks to help new parents get their baby through their first cold and ailments. Creams for diaper rash, trusty infant pain relievers for teething, and a wide variety of fancy thermometers are all within reach. But when it comes to the more mysterious issues that surround nursing and feeding, the answers suddenly seem few and far between. What are parents to do when their baby is struggling to take a bottle or nurse?

If your newborn struggles with eating well, it can be very stressful for you and your baby. Fortunately, it is also something that your pediatrician can help you navigate and troubleshoot.

3 Key Tips For When Baby Won't Take a Bottle or Nurse

“While the mechanics of eating for babies are very complicated, it is also predictable, and there are several things you can look for to try to solve the problem at home,” says Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT and founder of Dr. Noze Best.

Three essential steps: suck, swallow, breathe

Even before babies are born, they are practicing eating and swallowing in utero by drinking small amounts of amniotic fluid. This practice prepares them for the moment they are placed on their mother’s chest or given their very first bottle. When you see a baby nursing or feeding well, you will notice that they get into a rhythm and then repeat it over and over: suck-swallow-breathe.

  1. Suck: The initiation of the swallow starts with suction. Babies use their tongue to cup the nipple or bottle and create a suction force with the tongue and palate. This action involves coordination of the muscles in the tongue and palate to pull the milk or formula out. Once your baby has created the suction force and pulled the milk or formula out of the breast or bottle, it is propelled to the back of the throat.
  1. Swallow: Unlike sucking, swallowing is a reflex, and therefore not an action your baby can control. The presence of milk or formula in the throat causes a swallowing reflex where the voice box elevates and closes, the swallowing tube (esophagus) opens, and the throat muscles contract to push the milk down towards the stomach.
  1. Breathe: After that, your baby needs to take a breath before starting over.

Obviously, if your baby is not eating well, you may not see this pattern. In fact, you may not see a pattern at all. If you are concerned about your baby’s feeding, identify which step(s) are the issue. For example, if latching is a challenge, your baby may not be able to effectively create a seal on the breast or bottle. This could be related to structural issues (e.g., tongue tie) and should be evaluated. Swallowing patterns can be impacted if there is significant nasal blockage or if there are other medical factors (e.g., prematurity.  Breathing is the most basic requirement and can be impacted by a cold or excess phlegm (e.g., reflux of formula/breast milk into the nose.   

It is especially important for infants to have adequate breast milk or infant formula. If you ever have a question about whether your infant is feeding well, don’t hesitate to talk to your pediatrician. They may want to refer you to an otolayrngologist (ENT) and/or a lactation consultant who can conduct a more thorough examination. These professionals are dedicated to helping you and and your infant get the best possible start – including navigating the new and challenging terrain of parenthood.

How the NozeBot can help

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