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Toys Children With Down Syndrome Will Love to Be Gifted This Holiday Season

Toys Children With Down Syndrome Will Love to Be Gifted This Holiday Season

Did you know that nasal congestion is one of the first issues experienced by children with Down syndrome due to the smaller nasal passages? 

Otolaryngologic (ear, nose, and throat) problems are common in children with Down syndrome. Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT and founder of Dr. Noze Best, has treated many children with Down syndrome for hearing loss, sleep disorders (such as obstructive sleep apnea), recurrent croup, and chronic nasal congestion. This impacts breathing, eating, and sleeping. 

Children with Down syndrome are predisposed to chronic nasal congestion, nasal drainage, and more frequent sinus infections, partly due to a smaller nose and nasal sinuses.

Toys Children With Down Syndrome Will Love to Be Gifted This Holiday Season

Dr. Goudy was inspired by the needs of this patient population when creating the NozeBot and we do as much as we can each and everyday to support the Down syndrome community.

Whether you are a parent, friend, or family member of a child with Down syndrome, we wanted to put together a special gift guide this year to shed light on toys that they would love to be gifted this holiday season!

Putty (or slime!)

We know that parents avoid having putty or slime in their home at all costs, but it is so great for hand strengthening and fine motor coordination. There is even a brand called Theraputty because it honestly is that beneficial. 

Floor mirrors

Floor mirrors are especially  great for little ones still in that tummy time stage. They help little ones starts to develop visual attention and social engagement skills during infancy, which is so important!


Puzzles help children with Down syndrome not only have fun and keep busy, but they work to improve so many different skills sets! Choose puzzles from various complexities, of course, to help reaffirm these skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor integration
  • Matching
  • Problem solving skills
  • Visual memory
  • Visual perception
  • Cognitive and language development
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Gross motor skills

Nesting and sorting toys

Not only are nesting and sorting toys great to have fun during play time, but they help kids start to learn prepositions such as “on top”, “under”, “in” and “out”. They will also help them learn shapes, sizes, colors and more!

Easel or dry erase board

There is nothing like watching a child’s creativity flourish - it is magical! However, having a child with Down syndrome let their inner Picasso shine using an easel or vertical standing dry erase board helps them develop skillsets such as strengthening core muscles, improving posture, helps with writing/drawing utensil grasp, and improves spacial awareness. 

Doll house

Imaginative or pretend play is so important for kiddos and having a dollhouse in their possession gives children with Down syndrome an opportunity to fine tune these skills on a daily basis!

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    Dr. Goudy was inspired by the needs of baby's with Down syndrome when creating the NozeBot

    The Nozebot is a battery-powered suction device designed to clear nasal congestion in babies and children.

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