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Fun Easter Traditions to Start on Baby's First Easter

Fun Easter Traditions to Start on Baby's First Easter

Easter egg hunts, bunnies galore, and too much chocolate to ignore! Easter is such a fun time of year and has a very special meaning to many different people. Apart from the religious significance, Easter means that spring is here (whether the weather feels like it or not) and it’s time to celebrate sunshine by being outdoors as much as possible.

Fun Easter Traditions to Start on Baby's First Easter

If you have a new baby at home or little ones who are just starting to understand how fun it is to wake up to a basket filled with goodies, starting traditions is both fun and creates so many memories for families. 

Fun Easter Traditions to Start on Baby's First Easter

Here are some of our favorite Easter traditions to start now:

Write a letter that your child can open every Easter.

Whether the letter comes from you and your partner or the Easter bunny, having a special letter to open and save year after year will be a cherished memory your little one looks forward to. 

Plant a new flower in your garden every Easter.

What a beautiful way to grow a garden that you and your family can appreciate and watch grow year after year. 

Host an age-appropriate egg hunt. 

Brightly colored eggs can be filled with age appropriate treats for little mouths and hidden all over your home or yard (depending on the weather). This is fun to do to pass the time during the day, or plan in a big way and get your whole neighborhood involved. 

Gift an Easter-themed book. 

Build your little love's Easter book collection by gifting them a special book every year around Easter time. Whenever you put away the Easter decor, pack the books away, too, and then they become a special treat to unpack and read each year!

Decorate Easter cookies (instead of eggs!)

Cookies are easier (and probably more delicious) for little hands - we promise!

Spend the day in Easter pajamas. 

There are so many brands that create Easter themed pajamas for the whole family. Turn it into a cozy tradition and spend the day eating chocolate in pajamas covered in cute bunnies - fun for all!

Leave a carrot for the Eater bunny.

Just like those reindeer get a special treat around Christmas, the bunny is hard-working and deserves one, too!

Easter bunny tracks!

There is nothing more fun than being little and waking up to see proof that the Easter bunny made a special trip to your home.  

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