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How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

 It’s almost time to pop some bubbly, throw confetti in the air, and bang pots and pans to celebrate all of the wonderful things this year has brought you and your family. If a new baby was one of those magical gifts, your new year’s eve celebrations might be looking a little bit different compared to past years - and that’s okay! Different can still be fun and in many ways more joyful than ever.

How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

One thing is for certain: different doesn’t need to be boring! We want your new year’s eve celebrations to be just as exciting with your kiddos, so we have rounded up some fun ways to inspire you to keep the fun going as we enter a new year. We won’t tell anyone if you can’t stay up until midnight!

Have a parent's party

Make it a kid-friendly new years eve celebration and invite parents over with children similar ages to yours. This way, the little ones can play while the parents can have some adult conversation while the ball drops.

Attend a kid-friendly event, or tune into a virtual one!

A lot of local businesses recognize how much parents still want to have fun on this holiday, and celebrate with their children, too. Places like museums, science centers, and even restaurants host kid-friendly events that are mindful of early bedtimes. 

Create a family bucket list

If your kids are a little bit older, spend some time together writing out a bucket list of things you want to do as a family during the next year. Get creative and see how many things you can cross off your list each month!

How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

Have a living room pajama party!

Stay in, keep cozy in your pajamas, and possibly even build a living room tent. There is nothing like breaking free from your usual evening routine every once in a while and making memories in your very own home. 

Get dressed up and go out EARLY

If going out and enjoying new years eve is something you and your partner love to do, then keep that tradition alive. Pull that sparkly dress out from the back of your closet and make an early bird reservation so that your little one can join you and still be home before bedtime. 

Celebrate a different country’s new year

Can’t stay up until midnight? We feel you. Instead, celebrate a different country’s new year and watch their ball drop. Use this opportunity to teach your kiddos about another culture, while still getting to bed on time. 

Create a “confetti corner”

Confetti is a staple to celebrate new years eve, but also incredibly messy. It also will keep little ones busy for a long time, so there are pros and cons that must be considered. We suggest having the best of both worlds by creating a fun, sensory confetti corner, a designated confetti-throwing area. If you have a small puddle pool from the summer, bring it inside and put it to work!

How to Bring In The New Year With Little Ones

Get the kids involved in making decorations 

Arts and crafts are a fun way to get children involved in the celebration! Let their creativity run wild as they decorate, hang streamers, and even make their own funny hats to make the evening extra special. 

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