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Ear Infections – What Parents Need to Know

Ear Infections – What Parents Need to Know

Ear infections in young children typically happen because of a regular run-of-the-mill head cold. It effects the ears because of a small tube that runs from the ears to the back of the nose called the eustachian tube. This tube is what causes the popping sensation in your ears when you chew gum or when changing altitudes on a plane. That popping is a natural way for the eustachian tube to open, making pressure equal on both sides of the ear drum.

When it comes to colds, the eustachian tube helps to drain fluid from the ears. But, because young children’s bodies are still developing, the tube may not be able to drain effectively. If the tube is very swollen in the back of their nose, it won’t open — causing fluid to pool. This can be very painful, which is why young child or infant ear infections are so uncomfortable.

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Ear Infections – What Parents Need to Know

“If the fluid sits around, that’s when viruses and bacteria grow, which eventually leads to an infection,” explains Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) and founder of Dr. Noze Best. “You may not be able to avoid every ear infection, but one of the very best things you can do for them when they have a cold to prevent ear infection is to keep their nose and eustachian tube clear of drainage. You can do this with gentle saline drops and using a safe and effective aspirator.”

What are the symptoms of ear infections and when should I be concerned?

Ear infections in children are often self-limiting if they are viral in nature, and your child may just have a low-grade fever and some irritability. However, they can be serious, particularly in young babies or with high fevers. Always call your doctor if you suspect an ear infection and, in particular, if your child is experiencing:

  • A persistent cold
  • Irritability that is not typical or easily explained
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Pulling or scratching their ears

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What is the benefit of ear tubes to help with ear infections, and are they safe?

Most babies will get at least one ear infection; however, if your baby starts to have more than three within six months or four in a year it is important to talk to your pediatrician about seeing a pediatric ENT to discuss the possibility of ear tubes.

Ear tubes are placed in the eardrum and hold a small hole open so that your child can have equal pressure on both sides of their eardrum. If any fluid accumulates, it can easily drain out.

“With tubes your child may still get an ear infection and you’ll know that because they’ll have yucky drainage coming out of their ears – kind of like the nose!” Explains Dr. Goudy. “However, it is easier to treat the infection with antibiotic eardrops, instead of chronic oral antibiotics, which can cause a host of issues like diaper rash and negatively affecting the good bacteria in their stomach and intestines. It also helps prevent fluid build-up behind the eardrum that can have a negative effect on your child’s hearing. Tubes allow the fluid to drain protecting and preserving normal ear function.”

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How the NozeBot can help prevent ear infections

Clearing the baby’s nose of fluid is important to help prevent infant ear infections. The NozeBot’s hospital-grade suction and ergonomic design make it easy clear your child’s nasal passages and bring some relief. And, unlike common aspirators that requite mouth suction, caregivers using the device won’t be inhaling the virus directly into their own lungs.

But don’t take our word for it—here’s what parents have been sharing in recent product reviews:

“I have purchased 2 different nasal rinses for my two toddlers, but nothing compares to this. It is so easy to use and so efficient! My babies haven't slept in weeks after contracting colds then ear infections only to hang on to this cough. Last night was our first night using it and YA'LL!!! NOBODY threw up from coughing last night, nobody was up coughing, it was like a glimpse of what used to be. This- game changer!” – TD

“I bought this little tool before my son even got sick. I wanted to be prepared. The nose frida is great, but it also requires multiple attempts to clear the debris. The nose bot requires one good attempt and baby can breathe again. Sometimes, I can hear that my baby is stuffy, but I won’t see any mucus. I use this tool anyway and Mucus comes out of nowhere. It’s seriously worth the investment. We even take it with us in the diaper bag. We used it at the doctor’s office and the nurses and doctor were intrigued and amazed that I had this powerful little tool.” – AmazonFiend

“We got this after struggling with the conventional bulb aspirators and Nose Frida. Main issue with those was it required a two man operation. One person holding the baby's head and another clearing the nose. This gadget allows for the aspirator to be placed while also holding the baby's head. One person operation. It's also a strong suction and very effective. Let me say this- in the last 8 months - this was the quickest booger evacuation this household has seen!!! It's spendy but so far worth it for us.” – How Gee

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Ear infections in young children typically happen because of the everyday head cold

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