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5 Things Parents Need to Know About Croup

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Croup

Hearing your baby in any type of respiratory distress is extremely alarming as a parent. Even though children are resilient, as soon as you hear that barking cough, also known as croup, you know that they need to be treated quickly and efficiently. 

Our Dr. Noze Best founder, Dr. Steven Goudy, a Pediatric ENT, recently shared a video on TikTok, outlining 5 key things that parents need to know about croup, and we wanted to highlight them here, too.

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Croup

The truth is that kids and babies get an awful lot of colds, especially during the winter months. As much as we try to avoid them, they are oftentimes unavoidable (kids are messy!). In addition, RSV season is in full swing and sometimes croup can accompany the colds that are passed around daycare and school. 

what parents need to know about croup

Whether you are a brand new or well-seasoned parent, here are 5 things you might not know about croup that can help you prevent it from making its way into your home.

1. Croup is a viral virus

A virus is basically very tiny germs. Croup is a virus that is typically caused by RSV,  paramyxovirus or other viruses. According to the CDC, “in healthcare, body fluids—including spit and snot—can get onto things near a patient. If anyone touches those surfaces and doesn’t clean their hands, they can spread virus around that way, to themselves, to other surfaces, and to other people.” 

So, when doctors say to wash your hands regularly in order to prevent the spread of virus, it’s very important to listen!

2. It is a self-limiting virus. 

Croup is a self-limiting virus, which means that it will generally go away on its own.

3. It usually happens at night.  

While it is unsure why, this is typically whenever parents and children see croup rear its ugly head.

4. Humification is a great way to combat croup. 

Using a humidifier is a great way to help your little one breathe better whenever they are battling croup. Why? Because dry air can make a cough worse, and the job of a humidifier is to keep the air moist. The moist air will help to decrease swelling and the cough in general.

5 things parents need to know about croup

5. If it gets worse, it’s time to visit the doctor or emergency room.

As we mentioned before, croup is a self-limiting virus, which is capable of going away on its own. However, there are many times whenever croup gets worse, alerting parents that it’s time for a trip to the emergency room or to at least alert your doctor about what is happening. Some of the warning signs are that stridor is occurring (a noisy, high-pitched sound when your child is trying to breathe), retractions, or trouble breathing in general. At that time, your little one may be put on a steroid or some type of breathing treatment to help them better manage their symptoms.

Watch Dr. Goudy’s Latest Video About Croup:

@drnozebest Croup is going around this time of year and there are a lot of things you need to know about croup!! It is a virus, it will go away, humidification is key, medications are useful sometimes and knowing when to call your doctor or go to the emergency room. #croup #virus #stridor #cough #coughing #retractions #er #emergency #emergencyroom #steroid #epinephrine #preemie #baby #childhood #ent #fyp @thepedipals @beachgem10 @themamadentist ♬ RUNAWAY - KAYDEN

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