Toast to new motherhood (with a mocktail, of course) and have the NozeBot in hand, the baby nasal aspirator that will help your new baby breathe better and you sleep better.

...hello congestion-free baby.

Did you know most babies can't breathe through their nose for up to one year?

This makes it extra hard for them to eat, sleep, or play whenever they are congested.


Hint: they are congested a lot.


The NozeBot, will come in handy in your everyday life!

93% of moms would recommend the NozeBot to first time moms.

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How does the Nozebot make new mom life a little easier?

Our hospital-grade suction allows you to relieve your babies congestion in the comfort of your own home. Help them breathe better - no manual snot sucking required!

Kiss mom-guilt buh-bye!

What parents are saying:

"THE #1 BABY ITEM YOU NEED! If there was one baby item that I could put on my registry, it would be the Dr. Noze Best NozeBot nasal aspirator. Game Changer!"


"My 3 month has been congested since birth. I used a manual nose aspirator at first and it was stressful for everyone. It worked well but took awhile to get all the gunk. SO WORTH IT!! It’s quick and easy to use. Far less stress and crying."


"Love this product, it is a necessity for us. Battery lasts a week or more, we take it everywhere."


"I don't mean it lightly, this is truly the best hundred bucks we spent for our little girl. She was 13 days old when we went to the ER because she couldn't lie down, couldn't eat, couldn't really breathe for a whole day. As first time parents our imagination and anxiety peaked, limited only by the exhaustion of nightless days. After an X-ray and an EKG (yes, on days-old baby), all it was, was a ball of SNOT: the nurse (super deftly) put saline drops in one nostril and sucked it out the other with a small plastic tube connected to what sounded like an industrial grade vacuum. All in just three seconds. Baby was INSTANTLY better."


"I hated that helpless feeling of not being able to really help my little one find relief when he gets so congested. Not to mention all the sleepless nights that followed. I’ve tried so many easy to access nasal aspirators that start off working, provide little relief and then don’t. By far the best investment every parent, childcare giver and provider should make."