Do you remember the first time your new baby got a bad cold and couldn’t breathe or eat? Many of us recall the fear and worry during sleepless nights that our crying baby was hungry or may stop breathing—and our only tool was a primitive suction device that just didn’t work! Even as our children grow, it’s years before they can expectorate on their own. The misery goes on.

Dr. Noze Best was founded to bring relief to families battling the forces of upper respiratory discomfort and illness. The company is led by Dr. Steven Goudy, a distinguished pediatric ENT who developed the NozeBot in response to families’ frustration with nasal suction devices currently on the market. Our goal is to help your baby breathe, protect them from a dangerous infection, and give you peace of mind.

The Team

Steven Goudy MD, MBA

Founder and CEO of Dr. Noze Best

Steven is a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT) and works with children on a daily basis. His desire to develop the NozeBot is born out of the frustration that families have expressed with the currently available nasal suction devices on the market. He holds a joint appointment at Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology. Steven lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and three children.

Chase Reineke

Director of Operations

Chase has spent his career in the medical device industry focusing on product development and bringing clinical solutions to market through design and manufacturing. He lives in Atlanta with his fiancée and his dog, Riley.

D’lynne Plummer

Director of Marketing

D’lynne is an experienced marketing professional with background in communications and branding for healthcare and medical technology. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two young children, where she is on a personal and professional mission to rid her household, and eventually the world, of snot.

Erica Bitten

Human Resources Consultant

Erica is a human resources professional and a business strategist who supports Dr. Noze Best’s employee engagement, labor relations, and workforce planning. She has significant experience in HR, business strategy, change management, staffing, and more, working with organizations large and small in academia, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, and biotech.