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7 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, and all the pies - Thanksgiving is almost here!

We all have treasured memories of celebrating this food-filled holiday as a child, so it's always a great time to look back or start new transitions when you have a family of your own!

 7 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

Welcoming a new member into the family is a joyous occasion, and celebrating your baby's first Thanksgiving adds an extra layer of warmth and gratitude to the holiday season. While your little one may not fully grasp the significance of the day, creating special moments can be a cherished tradition for years to come.

 1. Go all out for baby first Thanksgiving photo!

Begin the day by capturing the precious moments with your baby. Take adorable photos of your little one in Thanksgiving-themed attire or with festive decorations. These pictures will serve as timeless mementos of your baby's first holiday season.

2.  Host a Small Family Gathering

Consider hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering with close family members. Keep the atmosphere cozy and relaxed (and germs away!), allowing your baby to be part of the festivities without feeling overwhelmed. This intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories.

3.  Create a Handprint Turkey

Engage in a creative activity by making a handprint turkey with your baby. Use safe, non-toxic paint to capture their tiny handprints on paper, creating a cute turkey design. This craft not only makes for a wonderful keepsake but also a delightful way to mark your baby's growth.

4.  Read Thanksgiving-themed Books

We know they probably won't understand, but reading is a great activity for kiddos of all ages. Introduce your baby to the spirit of Thanksgiving through age-appropriate books. Choose colorful and engaging stories that highlight the themes of gratitude, family, and thankfulness. Reading together can become a cherished part of your Thanksgiving tradition.

5. Watch the Macy's thanksgiving Day Parade

This is a classic moment in every household! Instead of thanksgiving morning with Ms. Rachel, throw on the parade!

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby's First Thanksgiving

6. Do a Thanksgiving food taste!

You will want to capture this moment on video! As long as it's age appropriate, share some of the Thanksgiving goodness with your little love. Just be careful to watch out for these hidden ingredients that could be harmful to a baby under age one.

7. Make a donation in their name

We know that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and being grateful for what we have, but it's also important for little ones to understand that there are some family's who may not be able to sit down to a big dinner. Starting the tradition of making a donation in their name to a charity close to your family's heart is a beautiful way to celebrate this special day. 

Looking for baby tips? You'll enjoy these:

From our family to yours, we wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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