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How to Recycle Your NozeBot

How to Recycle Your NozeBot

Recycling and being kind to the Earth is very important to us, sustainability for the win! If for any reason you need to dispose of your NozeBot, we encourage you to make sure it’s being done in accordance with your local recycling and waste disposal practice and requirements so that it’s being done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

How to Recycle Your NozeBot

Since every city has its own best practices for recycling, you need to follow directions in accordance with what your zip code is issuing as theirs. To find the rules and regulations for where you live, please Google search the term "lithium ion battery recycling," and follow the directions that they give you. 

how to recycle your NozeBot

This can be done easily by searching here by utilizing the Earth 911 Recycling Search. This website serves as a wonderful resource for ways to recycle practically everything in your home the proper way, so that less of a carbon footprint is being left behind!

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We hope this guide helped you figure out the best and easiest way for you and your family to recycle your NozeBot -  we aim to make parents' lives easier anyway we can!

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