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How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Toddler

How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Toddler

So…you just received your brand new NozeBot in the mail…now what? You are in the right place because we’re currently working our way through our “How to Introduce the NozeBot” series and today we’re sharing everything you need to know about making that first use an easy one with your toddler. If you missed last week’s post, “How to Introduce the NozeBot to your Baby,” check it out here!

If you are currently unboxing your NozeBot for the first time, we encourage you to first read the user manual thoughtfully. If you have more questions about getting the device set up and charged, please read our first post in this series as we have highlighted some impactful tips and tricks that will help make the NozeBot you and your child’s BFF when it comes to getting rid of congestion!

how to introduce the Nozebot to your toddler

How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Toddler

Toddlers, or littles ones ages 1-2 years according to the CDC, are hitting developmental milestones such as walking, waving, and showing more independence each day. They are also learning through imitating others behaviors, especially whenever it comes to the adults and older children in their lives. If you toddler has an older sibling at home, encourage them to become a part of their younger brother or sister’s first introduction to the NozeBot, they will make it so much more fun!

During the toddler age, we recommend that without turning the machine on, demonstrate what you will be doing with the nosepiece on yourself or their older sibling. Then, let them try it out themselves, too! This is a very interactive way to get your toddler involved. Have them hold the nosepieces, touch it, feel the material, and then pretend to use it on themselves, siblings or parents. 

After that, you want to turn the machine on so they get used to the noise and the suction. If for some reason the noise bothers them, wrap the device in a blanket to muffle the sound a bit. They might even want to get involved by pressing the buttons and turning the machine on. 

So that the suction isn’t a surprise to them whenever you first use it on their nostrils, let them feel it on their hands. You can take things one step further (like we did here!) and have your toddler use the suction on a few of their favorite toys to see what it can do!

After your toddler has been thoroughly introduced to the NozeBot and has seen what it’s all about, it is a great time to use it on their nose for the first time. Making sure they are comfortable with the device is key and once you have achieved that then you are well on your way to snot free days!

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    Lastly, since kiddos get very curious during the toddler stage, we recommend keeping the NozeBot somewhere out of reach. As much fun as they had using on themselves and your nose, we want to remind them that it isn’t a toy and only a device to be used whenever a parent or caregiver is present. 

    We hope this guide helps you navigate introducing the NozeBot to your toddler and it becomes something they are excited to use every time they need their snot removed!

    Your busy toddler will love their NozeBot!

    The Nozebot is a battery-powered suction device designed to clear nasal congestion in babies and children.

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