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How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Preschooler

How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Preschooler

If you have been following along, we have been going on a little adventure through our “How to Introduce The NozeBot” series. We started with baby, progressed to toddler, and now here we are at the very fun preschool age!

According to the CDC, the preschool age group ranges from 3-5 years and exploring the world around them is one of their favorite things to do! Reading, playing with friends, basic chores, and letting your kiddos start to make simple choices for themselves are great things to spend time on them with. 

Like the toddler age group, preschoolers are still very curious, so leading with safety whenever introducing them to anything new, bringing them to a new place, or sharing a new experience is key ...which brings us to the NozeBot!

how to introduce the nozebot to your preschooler

How To Introduce The NozeBot To Your Preschooler

Whenever you introduce your preschooler to the NozeBot for the first time, it’s best to first go over how it works so they can stay safe if they ever want to use the device themselves - which they probably will! Since preschoolers are gaining more and more independence each day, if mom or dad doesn't take time to walk them through how it operates and proper safety measures, they will most likely try to figure it out themselves.

One of the first things that preschools will probably notice about the NozeBot is the noise. Since babies are used to loud noise within the womb, this isn’t something that typically startles them, but it might take your preschooler by surprise. If for some reason it does, simply take their favorite blanket and wrap it around the machine whenever it's in use, as this will muffle the noise. 

The final step that will help your preschooler become more confident and comfortable with using the NozeBot is to let them use it on a toy, doll, or stuffed animal. Let them pretend that they are the doctor and taking care of their patient, helping them feel better with the powerful suction of the NozeBot. Unlike toddlers, who prefer to use it on themselves or an adult, preschoolers love to learn through role playing and it's a wonderful way to help them for a healthy relationship with the NozeBot!

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We hope that each of our guides with the “How to Introduce The NozeBot” series have helped you, your family, and your little ones make a seamless transition into using the device for snot free kiddos!


The NozeBot is for preschoolers, too!

The Nozebot is a battery-powered suction device designed to clear nasal congestion in babies and children.

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