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5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

Guest Post by Katy Fleming, MA, LPC, BSN, RN

It’s challenging to keep up with our medications let alone another person’s pills. As a parent, we may struggle to keep up with our kids’ varying schedules, appointment times, and medications. 

When it comes to their medication, it’s important to administer it as prescribed and on schedule. We’ll review how to remember to give your children their medication despite your busy parent life.

5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

It’s a struggle at times to recall if we gave our little ones their meds or not. On a chaotic morning, you may forget entirely. 

Many people have difficulty remembering to take their medication or dispense it to their children. Here are some suggestions to keep you on track:

1. Download Apps 

Smartphones offer a wide variety of apps to aid your health and wellness. 

MediSafe is a free medication management app that will remind you of the entire family’s dose times on one account. This highly-rated mobile platform even provides monthly progress reports. 

Consider adding this app or one of the many similar platforms for an automatic reminder to give your children their meds.

5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

2. Flip It and Reverse It

Some prefer simple physical reminders. After your kiddo takes their morning medication, flip the bottle upside down or move it to the opposite side of your medicine cabinet.

 At the end of the night, be sure to place it back in its original form. There are several ways to remind yourself to administer medication without any extra bells or whistles. 

3. White Board Calendar 

Check your local office supply store or online for a calendar dry-erase board or basic white board. 

You can write out when the meds are needed and place a checkmark to remind yourself when it’s complete. 

Your kiddo may also enjoy writing out the medication reminder on the board each week!

4. Routine is Key 

Include medication administration in your daily routine. If the medication is needed early in the morning, then you may keep the bottle in your bathroom cabinet. 

Food is required with some meds, in which case, you can store the medicine bottle in a high cabinet in the kitchen. Your child will learn that medication time is immediately following breakfast every morning.

Wherever you decide to place it in your routine, consistency is essential.

5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

5. Educate Your Child 

For those with older children, include your kiddo in the process. Explain why the medication was prescribed and a basic description of how it works. 

Consider giving your child choices to increase their investment and participation. For example, they can pick whether to sit in the kitchen or stand in the bathroom while taking their medicine.

You’ll foster your child’s independence while providing yourself with an additional medication reminder. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re continuing to miss doses, contact your child’s pediatrician. There may be alternative solutions such as an extended-release pill that is taken less often. 

Accurate and consistent medication administration is vital. Implementing a routine and adding a mobile app will both provide the necessary support. 

Every person is different— find what technique works best for you and your family. Utilize these tips to stay on track with your kiddo’s pills!

5 Tips For Remembering to Administer Medication

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As a licensed counselor and registered nurse, Katy approaches freelance writing with years of experience and a unique perspective. Alongside her partner, Katy loves to travel the world and embrace other cultures from volcanoes in Iceland to villages in India. 

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