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6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

As the clock ticks down to the final moments of the year, many of us reflect on the past and look forward to the possibilities the future holds. New Year’s Eve is not only a time for celebration but also an opportunity to set the tone for the coming year.

6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

Instead of the typical resolutions that often fade by February, why not start the new year with meaningful traditions that promote health and well-being? Here are some of our favorite (and kid-friendly!) traditions to kick start healthy habits and make 2024 your healthiest year yet.

6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

1. Healthy Potluck Dinner Party

This is a great tradition to start, especially if you're hosting a gathering with friends! Have everyone bring a healthy meal, appetizer or drink that will help promote new foods and recipes that your family might really love all year-long. You never know unless you try it!

2. Digital Detox Hour

We're all attached to our phones and as a busy parent, you've probably found yourself handing your devices to your little ones to keep them entertained. We've all been there - no judgement! However, since the new year is a great time to start new things, use New Year's Eve to get everyone on board with a digital detox hour and put those electronics away. This is a great habit to start on a daily basis as we move into 2024. 

3. Dance Party Fitness

Dancing is fun and keeps you moving! Play some favorite songs on New Year's Eve and start incorporating daily dance parties into your regular routine. 

4. Healthy Toast

Saying "cheers!" and clinking glasses is fun for both kids and adults alike, but what is in those glasses isn't always the healthiest (even the non-alcohol versions that can be found pre-made at your local grocery store). Use the toast as an opportunity to add a healthy beverage to the menu! It can be as simple as sparkling water with fresh fruit. Anything to get kiddos away from sugar laden fruit juices is a win!

New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

5. Gratitude Circle

Similarly to Thanksgiving, starting the new year off by sharing all the things we appreciate in our life is a wonderful habit to get into! Focusing on gratitude can shift your mindset towards positivity and set the stage for a more optimistic and fulfilling year ahead.

6. Create a Routine

For many adults, having a morning or evening routine is very important in their overall success, and kids are no different! A fun way to help instill this in young ones is to set up a New Year's Even agenda and make it visible for everyone you are celebrating with. It can be as simple as popping popcorn at 6:45pm and watching a favorite movie starting at 7pm. Following a schedule will help kiddos get in the habit of creating healthy routines. 

New Year’s Eve Traditions to Kick Start Healthy Habits

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