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RSV Season Is Here

The NozeBot is the best solution for clearing congestion that can lead to harmful RSV and keep your little love out of the hospital.

Portable and rechargeable

Created by a Pediatric ENT

3 levels of instant hospital-grade suction

Use from the comfort of your home

Bye-bye boogers!

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"Only wish we got it sooner…. Purchased this amazing tool post-hospitalization for RSV. We had a manual nasal aspirator which did not work sufficiently, leading my son to clogged airways, ear infections, and congested lungs. This is my new baby shower go-to gift. Don't wait, just get it– It's WELL worth it.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Lauren C.

How to Treat RSV

While there is no specific treatment for RSV, there are actions you can take to help your child stay out of the hospital. Breastfeed or bottle feed babies often and keep older children drinking liquids regularly to prevent dehydration and clear out your baby's nose with the NozeBot to help them breathe more easily.

Keep in mind that babies under 12 months can only breathe through their noses for up to one year. When viruses like RSV lead to clogged nasal passages, it leads to respiratory distress.

What other parents are saying:

“As I sit and rock my sick, 6-month old baby boy tonight (RSV), I can say with absolute certainty that this was the single best thing I bought in preparation for cold and flu season. Seeing them sick is never fun. Thanks Dr. Noze Best for making it a little easier 😃

-Mrs. Steers

Verified Buyer

“Amazing tool for sick baby! I initially bought the NozeBot before my baby ever got sick just anticipating the snotty nose that comes within the first year of being exposed to germs. I am so glad I did. This thing is a miracle worker for getting snot out of your baby's tiny little nostrils. It's easy to use and easy to clean. I have recommended this to at least three other friends.”

-Gem McCrea

Verified Buyer

“If you're a parent of a child that doesn't blow their own nose, please put away your nose Frieda and buy this. Easily one of my best baby purchases, especially when your toddler gives your newborn RSV and every other illness under the sun.”

-Kelly Meredith

Verified Buyer

The Best Option for Your Family During RSV Season and Everyday

Easy to use and effective. What more could a parent want?

Step 1

Get your NozeBot charged and ready to use in your home or on the go!

Step 2

Get those boogers out while holding your child as the NozeBot is designed to be used one-handed. #winning

Step 3

Happy baby. Less sleepless nights. More time for cuddles.

Dr. Noze Best vs. Other Options

We are obsessed with making the live's of our community easier, healthier, and with as little sick days as possible. We know how hard being a parent is these days, why complicate things?

Other Options

Created by a Pediatric ENT


Designed to be used one-handed

It's like you're wrestling an alligator

Works in seconds!

You'll be waiting a while

Portable and rechargable


3 levels of instant hospital-grade suction

How strong are YOUR lungs?

Top rack dishwasher safe

Hand wash only

Mom’s Must-Have RSV Defender for 2023

Designed by a pediatric ENT, NozeBot is safe, easy to use, and provides instant relief so your baby can breathe easy.

Trusted by Health Experts

"The nozebot is our new favorite suctioning devices that makes it super easy to assist with clearing their upper airway. It provides hospital grade suction and is easy to clean and store! It has a tapered nose piece that prevents nasal trauma!"

- @Pedipals, Dr. Sami & Dr. Ana

"The gentle, yet insanely effective, hospital grade suction helps remove your baby’s nasal secretions. This leads to better breathing, eases symptoms, can help reduce illness time and prevent ear infections, and did we mention, is ✨soooo satisfying✨?!"

- @BumbleBaby, NICU RNs/LPC

"I had a mom in my clinic who had a baby who was really struggling to breastfeed because of how congested they were. I knew what to do - it's s'not a problem with the NozeBot!"

@daniellegaussibclc, Danielle Gauss, IBCLC

Why Dr. Noze Best?

Dr. Noze Best was founded by Dr. Steven Goudy, pediatric ENT at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, after he saw firsthand how the lack of necessary nasal hygiene in children affects their care. After treating hundreds of infants and toddlers in the emergency room for nasal congestion due to the lack of effective options on the market, he knew there had to be a better way for parents to care for their child’s health.

Dr. Goudy was interested in providing proactive care for his parents who are desperate for an “at-home” version of the hospital’s nasal suctioning device. And the NozeBot was born.

Now, we’re on a mission to modernize the nursery with a line of products that provide a clean, safe environment to help infants and toddlers sleep, breathe, and eat better.

From our raving fans!

See why millions of customers trust Dr. Noze Best

Wish We Had It Sooner!

Literally the best nasal aspirator ever!!! I bought this when we were in the hospital for RSV with my son. The pediatric nurses said the best thing to do at home was to keep his nose as booger free and mucus free as possible. The longer the mucus is there, it can get caught in their chest and then it make it easier to get sick and stay sick. One of the nurses actually told me about this company. This product has actually changed my son's life since we bought the Dr. Noze Best. We use it every single day, multiple times a day. My son is doing great now and I honestly credit Dr. Noze Best for helping speed up the recovery process.”

-Brooklynn Marie Harris

Just Buy It!

“Gamechanger 🙌 🙌 🙌!! After my husband threw his back out using the “manual alternative”, I knew we couldn't go another cold without this product. We have a daycare kid so every few weeks something is leaking out of her nose. Had to use this weekend with her nasty holiday cold and oh my goodness, I wish I found this product sooner. Worth every single penny. The struggle isn't real without this. I will sing my praises to all parents!! Thank you, Thank you!”

- Mrshoff149

Literally a masterpiece

Literally a masterpiece. It has helped so much for our six month old for the past three months especially during his RSV scare.”

-Dana Dane


NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

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Designed by a Pediatric ENT

Easy to clean - top rack dishwasher safe!

Cordless and rechargeable

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NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

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6-Month Limited Warranty!

Dr. Noze Best offers a 6-month limited warranty on our products. If your Dr. Noze Best product appears to be defective or malfunctioning, even if outside of the warranty window, please reach out to our team at hello@drnozebest.com so we can help make things right. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  

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