#1 Solution for Babies and Toddlers with Allergies

Seasonal allergies can = watery eyes and snotty noses. If your baby or young child has the sniffles, the NozeBot® can bring them relief!


  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 3 levels of instant hospital-grade suction
  • Perfect for seasonal allergy relief



"It’s a lifesaver for a snotty baby suffering from seasonal allergies!"

The suction is really good. I also love how easy it is to clean! I bought extra parts to have on hand when I throw one set in the dishwasher to clean (major plus). Will recommend ten times over." - Kamisha, Verified Purchase

What if relieving your child of congestion was magically effortless?

Less tears. Better breathing. Easier time eating and sleeping for your little love. Daily mom life can be easier with the NozeBot..

...And best of all: no more manually sucking snot - gross!

That would be pretty awesome right? Just charge, suction, and repeat as needed


All of which can be done in the confort of your own home or on the go - whichever works best for you!

...So your kiddos can feel their absolute best this Spring, FAST. That pesky pollen doesn't stand a chance!

The Best Option for Babies With Seasonal Allergies

Easy to use and effective. That pesky pollen doesn't stand a chance!

Why Dr. Noze Best?

Dr. Noze Best was founded by Dr. Steven Goudy, pediatric ENT at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, after he saw firsthand how the lack of necessary nasal hygiene in children affects their care. After treating hundreds of infants and toddlers in the emergency room for nasal congestion due to the lack of effective options on the market, he knew there had to be a better way for parents to care for their child’s health.

Dr. Goudy was interested in providing proactive care for his parents who are desperate for an “at-home” version of the hospital’s nasal suctioning device. And the NozeBot was born.

Now, we’re on a mission to modernize the nursery with a line of products that provide a clean, safe environment to help infants and toddlers sleep, breathe, and eat better.

🤍 What ages is the NozeBot® designed for?

The NozeBot is designed to be used on all ages.

🤍 Is the NozeBot® approved by the FDA?

The NozeBot is a Class 2, 510(k) exempt, medical device that does not require FDA approval or clearance, but the product is registered with the FDA. It is also safety tested and certified by TUV SUD America.

🤍 Is the NozeBot® safety certified?

The NozeBot is safety tested and certified by TUV SUD America.

🤍 Is the NozeBot® HSA/FSA eligible?

Yes! Use those dollars!

What Our Customers Say

AMAZING product!!


"This is MUST have for babies who suffer from frequent stuffy noses & allergies. We've had several others and this one is superior in every way!! I wish I had bought it sooner!!"


Verified Buyer

An absolute must have for sick babies and toddlers


"My kid has chronic lung disease mixed with allergies. So, we're sort of pros at handling snot and suction. The NozeBot is the closest thing we've found to hospital-grade suction and it's infinitely less gross than the manual snot sucker. It's totally worth it - we've actually purchased two of them."


Verified Buyer

Best product! Especially for new parents!


"It's the best purchase we've ever made and doesn't compare to manual aspirators. It has saved us several times from going to the doctor or worse. My son has horrible allergies and seems to be stopped up constantly. I highly recommend for any new parents. But I highly recommend for anyone period."


Verified Buyer

Made with your needs in mind

We're committed to high-quality standards for every product we make. If doctors wouldn't use it on their own children, then it wouldn't be a part of our nursery.

We truly mean it when we say "bye bye boogers," and "hello" to restful nights and days for your whole family.

Trusted by Health Experts

"The nozebot is our new favorite suctioning devices that makes it super easy to assist with clearing their upper airway. It provides hospital grade suction and is easy to clean and store! It has a tapered nose piece that prevents nasal trauma!"


- @Pedipals, Dr. Sami & Dr. Ana

""The gentle, yet insanely effective, hospital grade suction helps remove your baby’s nasal secretions. This leads to better breathing, eases symptoms, can help reduce illness time and prevent ear infections, and did we mention, is ✨soooo satisfying✨?!""


- @BumbleBaby, NICU RNs/LPC

"I had a mom in my clinic who had a baby who was really struggling to breastfeed because of how congested they were. I knew what to do - it's s'not a problem with the NozeBot!"


@daniellegaussibclc, Danielle Gauss, IBCLC


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NozeBot Baby

Nasal Aspirator

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  • Designed by a Pediatric ENT

  • Dishwasher safe, cordless, and rechargeable

  • Comes with filters (x12), tubing, and a standard nosepiece

  • Works in seconds!



Nozebot Max


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  • Travel Bag (x1)
  • Replacement NozeBot Filters (x40)
  • Newborn Nosepiece (x1)
  • Noze Wipes
  • Snot Trap
  • Extra tubing (x1)

$204.99 $183.99