5 Essential Reasons The NozeBot Should Be In Every Home




5 Essential Reasons The NozeBot Should Be In Every Home

Discover the game-changing solution for baby and toddler health, trusted by parents for peace of mind, convenience, and effectiveness.

5 Essential Reasons The NozeBot Should Be In Every Home

Discover the game-changing solution for baby and toddler health, trusted by parents for peace of mind, convenience, and effectiveness.




The RSV Battle From a Mom's Heart: The Product That Saved Us

Combat the Hidden Danger of RSV...

RSV is a significant concern for infants and toddlers. Each year, between 58,000 and 80,000 children under 5 find themselves in U.S. hospitals due to this infection alone.

By their second birthday, nearly every child will have encountered RSV. While many will experience mild cold-like symptoms, RSV can escalate, leading to serious conditions like:


  • Bronchiolitis (a swelling within the lung's tiniest airways)
  • Pneumonia (a severe lung infection)


Certain children, like those born prematurely or with specific health challenges, face a heightened risk from RSV.

With the rise of RSV, especially during those sneezy seasons, the NozeBot isn’t just any nasal aspirator; it’s your baby’s superhero cape. A clogged nose can lead to prolonged and dangerous conditions.

With NozeBot, you’re equipping your household with top-notch protection that's both gentle and effective. Let’s ensure your child can breathe easily and safely to help prevent from escalated circumstances.

The Not-So-Great Reality

Many parents have encountered the challenges presented by traditional bulb syringes and the popular nose sucker. As babies mature, it often becomes a two-person job to navigate their resistance — one to stabilize the baby and another to handle the device. Worse, there's an alarming feedback loop where caregivers report falling ill after using these methods, leading to speculation about potential virus transmission risks.

The frustration doesn't end there. Numerous parents find these tools lacking in suction power and overall efficacy, causing unnecessary discomfort for their little ones.

Revolutionizing the Electric Nose Sucker game, NozeBot leaves those inefficient methods in the rearview mirror. Prioritize hygiene and technology over old-fashioned, bacteria-loving methods.

A verified purchaser named Anna can attest with the review she left for us, “Works amazing for my son who has all the daycare germs and a constant runny nose. It works so much better than any other type of snot sucker I’ve tried”!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When it comes to gifting for baby showers, the NozeBot stands unrivaled as the #1 choice — and for good reasons. It brings parents an unparalleled peace of mind, knowing they possess a reliable tool to alleviate their baby's discomfort during those inevitable stuffy moments.

Its user-friendly design ensures that even in the midst of midnight wake-ups, relief is just a button press away.

But the NozeBot isn't just a convenient gadget; it's a genuine investment in the baby's health, providing hospital-grade suction that's gentle yet effective. Unlike the myriad of baby gifts that gather dust in a corner, the NozeBot is a game-changer that parents will turn to time and again, grateful for its utility.

And the best part? It's a crowd-pleaser. Not only will the baby feel more comfortable, but the entire household will appreciate its wonders.

In a sea of potential baby gifts, the NozeBot emerges as the thoughtful, practical, and invaluable gem every new parent will treasure.

More Than Just A Product

Crafted with love, science, and expertise, the NozeBot isn't just another Electric Snot Sucker—it's a testament to a parent's dedication.

Every parent deserves a device that's backed by professional knowledge and a pinch of heartfelt dedication.

Dr. Steven Goudy, the esteemed Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Emory/CHOA, stands at the pinnacle of pediatric ENT care. Drawing from surgical experiences both stateside and internationally, he strives to transform children's lives.

The launch of the NozeBot by Dr. Noze Best in 2021 marked Dr. Goudy's foray into offering wellness solutions to children.

Dr. Goudy's philanthropic spirit shines through in his unwavering support for charities, including The Big Ball Game benefitting the National Down Syndrome Congress.

Additionally, Dr. Noze Best proudly donates a portion of every purchase to organizations dedicated to uplifting the lives of those with Down Syndrome. It’s more than just a product, it’s a legacy, with a dose of medical science!

Perfect For... Well, Everyone!

Both babies and toddlers, while at different stages of development, share a vulnerability to nasal congestion and respiratory illnesses.

Their nasal passages are tiny and can easily become blocked, leading to discomfort, difficulty in breathing, eating, and sleeping.

This congestion isn't just a mere inconvenience, a blocked nose can interrupt their feeding, which could affect their nutrition and overall health.

Toddlers, on the other hand, are more mobile, curious, and frequently in contact with other children, increasing their exposure to germs and thus, the likelihood of catching colds.

Perfect For Both Age Groups


The gentle yet effective hospital-grade suction of NozeBot ensures that the mucus is cleared without causing any discomfort, aiding them in feeding and sleeping better.


Who are at an age of exploration and might resist traditional methods of mucus clearing (nose aspirators, nose suckers, loud electric snot suckers), the NozeBot is a quick and non-invasive solution. It's simple enough for them to even participate in the process, turning a potentially distressing situation into an empowering one.
Clear nasal passages can prevent further complications like ear infections, which toddlers are especially prone to.


The NozeBot, in essence, offers a dual benefit: immediate relief from the distress of congestion and a proactive measure against potential complications.

Don’t Let Their Nose Down!

With the NozeBot, you’re not just getting another gadget—you're investing in your child’s comfort, your peace of mind, and supporting a bigger cause. Dive into the future of baby health care and ensure those tiny nostrils are always clear, because a happy nose means a happy baby... and a WAY happier you!

How To Use The Noze Bot

How To Use The Noze Bot

Charge the device using the USB cable provided. Please note: the NozeBot is not designed to operate while charging.

Place your index and middle fingers into the finger grip of the nosepiece. Allow the tubing to drape over the back of your hand.

Turn on the device and choose your level of suction (try starting on low).

Stabilize your baby's head with your remaining fingers and other hand if necessary.


580 Reviews


580 Reviews




580 Reviews


580 Reviews


NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

3 Levels of Gentle, Hospital-Grade Suction

Simple To Use

Easy-to-Clean & Sterilize

Developed by a Pediatrician

Replaceable Filters

Portable & Battery-Powered

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the NozeBot® designed for?

The NozeBot is designed for all ages (including newborns)!

Is the NozeBot® approved by the FDA?

The NozeBot is a Class 2, 510(k) exempt, medical device that does not require FDA approval or clearance, but the product is registered with the FDA. It is also safety tested and certified by TUV SUD America.

Is the NozeBot® HSA/FSA eligible?

Yes! Use those dollars!

Is the NozeBot® BPA free?

The tubing and nosepiece are BPA free.

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