The RSV Battle From a Mom's Heart: The Product That Saved Us

The RSV Battle From a Mom's Heart: The Product That Saved Us

I braced myself for the "ber" months—September, October, November, December—a notorious season for colds and flu. Like many other parents, my mantra was clear: "No kisses for the baby & if you're sick, stay away!"

During our Thanksgiving break, despite my load of sanitizers and Clorox wipes, Serena began showing signs. Even with my obsessive sanitizing of plane seats, handles, and tables, a strong cough and a flood of boogers invaded my normally happy/energetic baby girl.

Our last night of our vacation, as Serena's breathing grew hoarse, I clutched an old-fashioned nose bulb, trying to take away her discomfort.

Returning from our trip, every parents worst flight experience happened! Serena was fussy, crying, and clearly in pain. Night and day even from that morning while we got ready to leave!

About an hour after being home, she grew warm. Her tell-tale fever flashed at 103°F. I made the call and her pediatrician urgently advised the ER, highlighting how RSV is on the rise this year, an alarming respiratory virus especially dangerous for infants.

Inside the ER, amid the sterility and beeping machines, the concern wasn't just RSV. The world's latest menace, COVID-19, was also a potential culprit.

A kind male doctor assisted us through dual-testing for both COVID and RSV.

As I awaited results, searching for RSV solutions online, a manual nose sucker's recommendation raised my curiosity.

Verdict- RSV! After staring at the doctor, waiting for him to be done telling me there is no known cure for RSV but the biggest thing would be to keep her nasal passage cleared- I asked him, inspired by my online search:

"What about this manual nose sucker I've been reading about?"

Before he could answer, Nurse Hannah, with a seasoned blend of medical insight and maternal instinct, chimed in. She raised not just eyebrows, but also valid concerns.

She voiced genuine concerns about these manual mouth-to-nose suckers.

The truth is, each individual has a different lung capacity. You risk either not clearing the congestion adequately- causing harm. Also, these manual mouth-used devices can't guarantee 100% filtration against bacteria. If multiple caregivers use it? You're rolling the dice with germ transmission and the spread of illnesses!

Instead, Hannah pointed us to a godsend: Dr. NozeBest's NozeBot.

NozeBot Isn't Just A Product; It's A Promise.

NozeBot Isn't Just A Product; It's A Promise.

Marrying gentle, powerful suction technology designed explicitly for delicate baby noses, it dispels nasal congestion without a hint of discomfort. Rooted in expert research, NozeBot embodies the pinnacle of hospital-grade materials, ensuring your child's safety at every turn.

And the cherry on top? It's HSA-approved.

RSV can last weeks to months in infants, and weeks or months with discomfort, and weeks or months with sleepless nights for us parents!

Thankfully, we had plenty of sleep and great breathing and only two weeks of RSV because of NozeBot.

I stand by it, that if I had not purchased this right then and there in that ER room, Serena would have had an insane amount of mucus I would have never been able to get out and probably taken her back in to help her breathe.

Today, I make sure to have all family and friends add this to their baby registry- and its the most talked about item at every single baby shower without a doubt.

To every parent, guardian, or daycare provider reading this:

Understand the dangers of RSV. Equip yourself with knowledge and arm yourself with the NozeBot. Don't wait to feel helpless; prevent it.

Our children deserve the best, and with NozeBot, that's precisely what they get.


580 Reviews


580 Reviews




580 Reviews


580 Reviews


NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

NozeBot Nasal Aspirator

3 Levels of Gentle, Hospital-Grade Suction

Simple To Use

Easy-to-Clean & Sterilize

Developed by a Pediatrician

Replaceable Filters

Portable & Battery-Powered

How To Use The Noze Bot

How To Use The Noze Bot

Charge the device using the USB cable provided. Please note: the NozeBot is not designed to operate while charging.

Place your index and middle fingers into the finger grip of the nosepiece. Allow the tubing to drape over the back of your hand.

Turn on the device and choose your level of suction (try starting on low).

Stabilize your baby's head with your remaining fingers and other hand if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the NozeBot® designed for?

The NozeBot is designed for all ages (including newborns)!

Is the NozeBot® approved by the FDA?

The NozeBot is a Class 2, 510(k) exempt, medical device that does not require FDA approval or clearance, but the product is registered with the FDA. It is also safety tested and certified by TUV SUD America.

Is the NozeBot® HSA/FSA eligible?

Yes! Use those dollars!

Is the NozeBot® BPA free?

The tubing and nosepiece are BPA free.

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