Thank you for visiting us at Arab Health

Dr. Noze Best provides modern home health care that helps children (and parents) breathe easy


Physician Invented, Innovative Solutions for Modern Parenting - Directly from Atlanta to Arab

Thank you for visiting us at Arab Health, where Dr. Noze Best is showcasing our groundbreaking products in respiratory care for children. Our products are designed to enhance the parenting experience.

Based in Atlanta, we're bringing our passion for innovation and at-home care to the global stage.


1. Doctor invented

2. Clean, gentle, and safe: Products designed with your baby's health in mind

3. Hospital grade suction and efficiency


With thousands of five star reviews, hear from satisfied customers and

learn how our products are making a difference in homes across the globe.

Lifesaver at night!

"After trying two other aspirator products, including the iconic nose sucker by Frida, I ordered this in desperation at 2am. It arrived the next day and I’ve used it nightly for the last few weeks. I highly recommend this over any other product!"

If you have sick snotty babies


"My kids always have nasal congestion. I've tried everything - this product is AMAZING. I bought the nose frida because of the attractive price point but you get what you pay for. The NozeBot is a GAME CHANGER."

Best nose sucker money can buy

"I was using the electric nose Frida, but we all got Covid for the first time, and my toddler was filled with so much snot. This thing saved the day. No other nose sucker can compare - this gets snot out quick and fast."

Visit our booth at Arab Health for a hands-on experience and exclusive offers. Let's reshape the future of parenting together!

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