At-Home Respiratory Solutions Ranked #1 by Pediatric ENTs

Founded in 2020 by renowned pediatric ENT, Dr. Steven Goudy, Dr. Noze Best is a top provider of products that help children (and parents) breathe, eat, and sleep easier. From the award-winning NozeBot® nasal aspirator to Noze Wipes, our catalog features premium and innovative healthcare products that support today's parents. Request a catalog today!

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What Makes Dr. Noze Best Different?

Doctor-Designed & Easy to Use

Dr. Goudy created the NozeBot® and continues to be involved in product innovation. Our products are well known for ease of use, portability, and cleanliness. There's a reason "easy" is a top-3 term used in our customer reviews!

Unmatched Safety & Quality

Our products are designed in the USA, BPA-free, durable, and safety tested. We are the only ISO-certified at-home electric nasal aspirator. We have Health Canada approval and are pursuing CE certification. For further proof, read thousands of 5-star reviews that attest to our product quality.

Effectiveness & Reliability

Delighted to say we suck! NozeBot® and NozeBot® On the Go offer hospital-grade suction strength 2X+ that of competitors. Our commitment to quality also means parents can count on our products to work whenever and wherever they are needed. 

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Best purchase I've made since becoming a mom

"My son is constantly sick. We had the electric nose Frida but it just didn't do the job. I purchased this on a whim...BUT I REGRET NOTHING!! It gets so much gunk out and is sleeping through the night now."

Buy this instead of Frida Snotsucker!

"I bought this as a first-time mom because I didn't want to have to "suck" with my mouth. It is SO worth it. Customer service is AMAZING. I would recommend this product to any new mama!

Closest suction to ER quality

"As a doctor, I don't go anywhere without this for my (toddler) kids. No more ear infections and they sleep amazing after suction and recover from colds twice as fast. AMAZING."

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