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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays

No one wants themselves, their family, or their newborn to get sick, notably around the holidays season - especially with the high rising number of RSV cases. This is a very magical time of year when you typically get to see family and friends from afar, so staying healthy is super important. 

Since babies immune systems are still developing, it’s important to be cognizant of that as you are making holiday plans and choosing who is safe to be around your wee ones. Don’t worry, your parenting super-powers will kick in during these high-stress situations and you will make the right decision for your newborn and family as a whole.

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays 

Straight from our Dr. Noze Best founder and Pediatric ENT, Dr. Goudy, here are some important things to keep in mind as we kick off the holiday season!

Make sure they are getting enough sleep

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, those who get more sleep get sick less. What can we say? Facts are facts. If you notice your little ones or yourself getting cranky, suggesting a nap is a great way to make sure that lack of sleep doesn’t ruin your holiday season from everyone getting sick. 

Make sure they are eating a balanced diet

We get it: there is a short window of time when eating Halloween candy for breakfast is acceptable, but we are past it! The holiday season puts treats in the forefront of many activities, so it's important that parents are making sure their little ones are eating a balanced diet. Proper nutrition will help everyone’s immune systems and keep your family healthy. 

Practice hand hygiene

Parents, do whatever you need to do to make hand washing fun! Sing a song, buy soap with their favorite characters on the bottle, make up a hand washing dance, whatever you need to do to help kiddos understand that keeping their hands clean plays a huge role in keeping them healthy.

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays

Don’t let people kiss your baby!

We bring this up often, so it’s not the first time we are screaming from the rooftops not to let anyone, even the closest of family members kiss your baby. We are so passionate about this, we even wrote a post highlighting the 5 risks of kissing a baby. We know how cute they are and how everyone wants to be near them to lay their lips on their sweet cheeks, but the risks outweigh the reward.

Survey your home for anything dangerous

During the holiday season, there is even more to be cautious about around your home. Everyone has decorations that kids aren’t used to being there and want to explore. New gifts are being given that require different types of batteries. The list is endless. Make sure you survey your home on a regular basis for anything that your children or baby could get into and check out our tips for baby-proofing during the holiday season.

If a family member is sick, don’t let them be around your family. 

This one goes hand in hand with not allowing anyone to kiss your baby. If you know someone isn’t feeling well, has the sniffles, and especially has spiked a fever, ask them to stay home. Sometimes making the decision not to be around certain people who are sick means missing out on various holiday activities and we understand how disappointing that can be, but don’t let it stop you from making the right decision. 

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays

RSV is running rampant right now and can be incredibly dangerous for little ones. A virus that might seem harmless and just needs to run its course can turn into RSV and land your little ones in the hospital. Make sure you have the NozeBot handy to constantly be clearing their congestion - everyone will be happier because of it! 

Check out Dr. Goudy’s recent video sharing his tips for keeping your infant healthy during the holiday season:

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  • We wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!

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