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Consequences of Not Getting All The Boogers Out

Consequences of Not Getting All The Boogers Out

Whenever you have a little one who is congested and uncomfortable, it makes life a challenge for everyone in the house. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that you are getting all those boogers out, as it can cause future problems. 

This is where the NozeBot comes in! Our battery-powered suction device clears nasal congestion in babies and children - no sucking snot required! It’s the easiest way to get hospital-grade suction in the comfort of your own home (ahem: saving you money on hospital visits during emergency situations!), especially during this incredibly aggressive RSV season.

Consequences of Not Getting All The Boogers Out

Consequences of Not Getting All The Boogers Out

Our founder, Dr. Steven Goudy is a Pediatric ENT who sees the consequences of not getting all the boogers out often in the hospital. He shared a few important things he wants parents to know about making sure your child isn’t experiencing chronic congestion.

Babies are primarily nose breathers. 

Babies are obligate nasal breathers. This is because at birth the orientation of the voice box or larynx with the soft palate or uvula are interdigitated. That means that they are arranged in a way in which babies can breathe and eat at the same time. As your baby grows the voice box or larynx descends and simultaneous eating and breathing becomes less frequent. You can learn more about this here. 

The moral of the story: if your baby is congested, it means that they aren’t breathing the way that they should. They aren’t sleeping well. It can also prevent them from eating properly.

Will reduce any likelihood of inflammation. 

Congestion can lead to inflammation in the nose, which can result in sinus infections. Studies have shown that by having an electric nasal aspirator on hand and used regularly will help with both upper and lower respirator issues, especially wheezing.

Check out Dr. Goudy’s Video explaining these consequences in more detail:

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  • Lastly, if you have an older child who is ready to independently blow their nose, we have a great resource for you here from Dr. Goudy, sharing tips for teaching kiddos how to blow their nose!

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